Here you could be scared
With no one to run to and find out that nobody cares
Here you could be cold
Shivering tight skin that freezes you inside the bone
So all I'll do is watch over you

There, everyone knows
They try to believe things that we tease but we'll never show
And they say that they're catching on
The we'll throw them a curve ball and say that it's all just pretend
And all we have is right where we're at

We could be living the lie they all wish they were living
No chains to hold us down
They're labeling us how we're missing
But we have thrown it away
'Cause we've seen better days
And whatever you say
I'll go that way

Here, just you and me
Whispering words to each other as we fall asleep
Here, just as we are
Fingers entwined as we find it's all over, it's ours
All I am is right in your hands

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