Look at me, do you see anything you want?
I do, when I look at you
Three words unheard
A verse that I should say to you
But there's just no use

Cause I'm shy around the edges
'Til I know what I should mention
And my thoughts are still on catchin' up
to leave my mouth
I'm thinking I should wait
But it's getting kinda late
And I sure would really hate to leave
the same old way tonight

And I want you,
And I need you,
And I don't think I could leave with this in mind
So oh this time
I'll say the wrong words
And you'll move onward
Cause I'm a coward
I don't know how to work this out

But I'll save it for later
Cause I'm a terrible moderator
On what's happenin'
I don't know where to begin
I'll save it for later
'Til I get a little more creative
Cause just sayin' it, won't make it right

So look at me, do you see
That everything you want is here?
But it's far from near


ooh tonight
ooh tonight
Well I tonight, deny that I
Had never really tried
To get a three word line to you

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