I don’t need this when everyone is telling me something else.
It’s so confusing cause I don’t know who’s right or wrong,
Are you right or wrong?
I don’t know how everyone can care for just themselves.
From all they’re losing , they’ll never know what’s right or wrong,
And I’m right, not wrong.
But I’m not saying I’m the greatest thing beneath the sun,
I only say things so you won’t make the same mistakes,
I’ll do what it takes

Sweet temptations die for a good time, and you wonder why.
Swinging yourself on by in my mind, I wish that I
Could see how you are now

And it’s a sad life, watching everybody live it wrong.
It’s so pathetic on why hell it has to be the way we are.
But you don’t need this, everyone is telling you something else.
It’s so confusing, you never know what’s right or wrong,
But I’m right - not wrong.

So turn it up, give it all you want, remember things that you forgot,
Now throw them away
Live or die, the sun will rise, the ocean tide will save it all for another day

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