(My forever don't you change)

She loves to tell me that she hates me, oh well now every time that I leave, she says that its not my fault, but that's the way that it goes,
Every night on the road, it would grand if you could understand,
That its passion that makes this man,
And as sure as the sun will be rising, well my heart is where you'll be lying

I know that one day, all the things they, they gonna go and change,
You wont be needing no telephone calls saying baby what's your name,
See I've been working for a while on this moment and I,
I've got to be off on my way, but tonight I'll be loving you forever,
Ooo forever don't you go away.

(Oh my forever, may you never change)

You see tomorrow I'll be on a plane,
And you'll be wondering why I've gone again,
You say its something about this mischief that takes you away.
I don't feel that I'll get it back the same
But if the loving's gonna love me, so why you wanna go and leave.
Aint gonna be there for every tear, but I love I love you, don't you fear


(Oh my forever, may you never never go away,
Oh my forever ya, may you never change yeaa,
Oh never oh, change for me,
My forever yeaa yes, my my forever yesss.


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