You can find me here at the back of the bar,
Where the music always seems to run away
You can now, tell by the sound of my friends dancing 'round
All the shots always come our way,
But it's friends of friends of mine,
All the ones that have left em far behind,
Oh yes I hope that they all never forget me right,
We'll be friends down here for life
I, I just wanna jam tonight yes now,
Smoking on some trees till the early light yes now
We, we just wanna chill with you, loving the weekend,
It's just me and my friends,
Some that I take to my end
Yes I'm bound here in the lost and found with my friends just to go and find our way, we've been out, chasing all night, even broke up a fight,
Just to show we living the right way, but it's state-by-state I find,
All the friends that have left it far behind, hope they yes all, never forget me right, we'll be friends down here for life
Chorus x2

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