Couldve been the silence thats awake

Im a waitin for another chance
I lay down my head for the dya
Cause thers nothin else
Anything, anything, anything, anything, anything, anything,
Anything, anything, anything, anything

Couldve been the silence that you make
I wasnt waitin for you
Ill lay my head for the day
Cause im so alone

Pre:-so ill take what i cant have
But i wasnt born yesterday

Chorus:-cause i make believe
That youre inside of my head
I make believe
That youre the only one
(i tried to see)
(what keeps me hanging on)

I remember what you used to say
When we were alone
I held down my hand, you walked away
Are you searching for someone


I stare inside my head
I stare inside my head
I stare inside my head
Inside my head


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