I was tired of you telling me you're leaving
Every time it came to blows
Is it not enough to say it when you mean it
And then pack your bags and go

And it was hard to be jealous
I was supposed to be having the time of my life
But now let me say
I would rather had you been vaporized
By a lunar reflection in the sky
Than to be beguiled by one so banal
I just never dreamed it could come to that

Well, darlin' I'm not angry
I'm just a little bit confused
Well she just chokes the jokes and the quotes of others
Though her eyes know not their truths

But still yet, as you lie there
May she find you in her arms
As a guiltless soul
A burning coal that is both hard to hold
And to put down
That's the way I held you
Though I never will again
Yours faithfully, friend

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