Your CV's impressive
Your haircut divine
Hey, that milk lasts a year

Starbucks and buttfucks
And women's lib
Your taxi is here

Carcinogenic cornflakes
Antibiotic steaks

Gentle now
Do not disturb

Global warming
Middle East hate

Your space is MySpace
That Facebook profile
Needs an update

Everyone's trying to cheat
Dig up a bum we can beat

Gentle now
Do not disturb

Love me (love me), strangle me (strangle me)
Jump from the balcony of your penthouse. of your penthouse (careful, gentle now)
Your kid is into (strangle me) amateur porn (love me)
Just a click away with your Microsoft wireless optical mouse, with your optical mouse (careful, gentle now)

Where can I reach Al Gore?
This weather is simply a bore

Gentle now
Do not

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