Who was there when I first opened up my eyes?
And who was there to heal the hurt
when I first learned to ride?
and who would never miss a game?
celebrate me won or loss?
yes my Father was

When adolescent years had come who helped me understand?
and when the winning point was scored
who in victory raised my hand?
and when I hung my head in shame
who was there to lift it up?
yes my Father was

my Heavenly Father has always been there
for my earthly one was gone yeah
He's taken care of me
and I only want to be just like Him

Now that I'm a full grown man
who can wipe my tears away?
and who's on the other end
when I lift my heart to pray?
and who's always by my side
to help me make it through?
yes my Father is
my Heavenly Father is
yes he is
yes my Father is

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