As your spirit is leading
I'm willing to follow
Cause you give peace like a river
And a joy that overflows
It's total chaos when i'm led by me
So my mind is made up
And i'm willing to follow you

(verse 1)
What is it lord that you need from me?
And which direction should i move my feet?
Should i go left, should i go right, or should i stay (stay right here)
Cause my own power
I just cannot count on
Cause every time i try to it gets me in trouble, hey
Life gets real crazy when i do it all my way, yeah

So i acknowledge you in all that i do
My own understanding i could never lean on
I know that my direction should come from you
Cause it's to you that i belong

(verse 2)
I counted up the cost it's more that fair
Even fright down to the cross that i must bear
You gave your life for me so i'll give mine for you
Without your power i just would not make it
All of my life struggles
Wouldn't be able to take it, yeah
My desire is to please you, to be more and more


Lord i'm yielding and it's to your will
Do you want me to move forward or stand still
To reveal your glory on earth is my passion
Lord my heart is willing
Willing to follow
Lord i'm yielding to you
Patient wait or to move
My heart is open and it's
Willing to follow

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