I've been thinking about the perfect gift for you
Something that reflects my love so true
Under this special day we celebrate
Cause through the years you gave me much more
That a man could wish for
I wanna give my all to you
No matter what it takes

But a dozen roses
Can express my love
Candy cards or letter
Just don't say enough
I can bring you diamonds
That shines like stars at night
But nothing comes close to the joy
You brought into my life

Been thinking about the perfect toy you said
How I truly do appreciate
All the things you do for me
Each and every day
But woman I've been searching high and low
For a special way to solve
My love for you is so much more
And this I know for sure


Cause I give you the world too
The sun and the heavens too
But every time I think of you
It's not enough
It will never do
Girl I can't think of anything
So take my heart here is my soul
Cause there is one thing I know


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