To... the other guy the perfect ten
Fun is what i've seen since i don't know when
You should be on the cover of essence magazine
You could be on stage like a super model beauty queen
Yes you could
You could like a star
This is what you truly are
Believe me baby
You can do so much better

You know how to be somebody
You got me now
Baby baby
If you only need
You'll never be incognito
You got me

Did you like you were a pearl
... only special girl
I'll stay worthy and material
You should know that it ain't that serious about you baby

He is acting like you don't exist
I'm looking number one upon my lips
Believe me you can do much better


I'll do anything to get eith you
Just call me i'll be right there
Girl you know that he is not right for you
You're right for me


I will love you more than my bodies
Leave all the girls for you honey
Turn my life around if you want me
Quit the... down if you want me
Always take you there when i hit it
Ain't a thing that you want i can get it

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