Baby turn the lights down
Nice and low
There's something i wanna tell you
See, everything in my life is alright
Since i found you girl
Love has played these games on me for so long
I started to believe
I'll never find any love
Now that you're tryin' to convince me to give in
Said you can win
And then my girl, the sun came shining through
The rain has stopped and the sky looks blue
Oooh yes,
Oooh what a revelation to me
Someone was saying i love you to me

You're one in a million
A chance of a life time
And to show compassion
And it sent to me
A stroke of love called you
Yes you did, yes you did

I was a lonely man
With empty heart to fill
I found a piece of happiness to call my own
Now my life is worth living (again)
For to love you to me is to live

Chorus: (repeat)

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