The heat is pumping
The man is burning up in here
Starting rocking
It's a party atmosphere
Dj is grooving
Playing all your favorite tunes
Yeah you know how we do
Let's rock
It doesn't matter
Get in the crowd
On and on
Beat don't stop
Until the break of down
Let's get a partner
They can't stop us
On and on

And if you feel it too
Say yeah
If you feel alright
If you come to party
It's on tonight

Fellow say yeah yeah
Ladies say yeah yeah
Everybody say yeah yeah

... sweet as honey
Taking me to a...
Body's flawless
Face is flawless
Yeah it's on...
This night will never end
But it's alright
Next friday night
Hold on you all again


Yeah i got my eyes on you
Dj don't... this groove
Cause i'm about to make my move
Everybody say yeah yeah
Let me here you say yeah yeah

If you wanna party tonight yeah yeah
If you feel alright yeah yeah


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