Daddy cool with a ninety dollar smile
Took my money out of gratitude
And he git right outa town - well

I gotta getty up, steady up, shoot him down
Gotta hit that latitude - babe

[chorus repeat]

Big bad leroy brown he got no common
Sense - no, no
He got no brains but he sure gotta lot of style
Can't stand no more in this here jail
I gotta rid myself of this sentence

Gotta get out the heat, step into the shade
Gotta get me there dead or alive - babe

Wooh, wooh, big bad leroy, wooh, wooh,
Wooh, wooh, big bad leroy - brown - well

[chorus repeat]

Big mama lulu belle she had a nervous breakdown
(she had a nervous breakdown)
Leroy's taken her honey chile away
But she met him down at the station
Put a shot gun to his head
And unless I be mistaken
This is what she said
'big bad, big boy, big bad leroy brown
I'm gonna get that cutie pie'

[chorus repeat]

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