I'm on my way
Every day n night
As long as I'm around
Baby girl I might

Holla at ya
So pick up ya phone
Spend some time around with me
Then I take you home

You want n I got plenty
Of plans before you turn twenty
Then I take you home

I'm on my level man
I'm in another land
Had enought, greezy talk
They just don't understand

Look at you
Swag me out
They need it so give them
Something to talk about

So throw a party girl
Show ya some tongue tricks
Never too late to be young
Between some hugs and licks

Get naughty
So hot I need a fireguard
Body to body
I can be your bodyguard

Stay at my house, cute shawty
Don't forget the pillows
Kisses and hugs
Sex and hoes

Speakers popping
Sex and drugs, rhymes and poetry
Party rocking

Pop and lock it
Provide my place
With a nice girl
N stuntin bass

Deal with it
Be cool with it
They hate ya cuz they wanted and you did it

When they 20 when they best fit
Ate coroa nao aguenta e troca a esposa de 40
Por duas de 20
She had plans of seeing the world
Like a 21st century girl
They don't plan to wait
Got a rich older man to date
That's when I met her
Vip section doin lines like she livin forever
Shopsall day and then parties all night
Shes really livin that life
But the days go by and that girl grows older
20S go away now shes lookin for closure
Still sniffin lines still doin nuttin wit life
Home all day waitin for a man she cant stand
She only wishes she was 20 again
Cause we know for a fact we all got plenty
Of plans right before we turn twenty

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