Droppin g dropping g
We on that white liquor
Who's happenin

White watch
White liquor
Black and white girl
Which one to pick bro
It's a perfect picture
Stop pose
It's a perfect picture
Fuck it
Stop pose

Make the bigggest move
Top down we coupin
12 Ladies we choosin
12 Bentleys cruisin
Grind time we movin
Tell flocka to scoop it
I'm bout the baggage claim
That package came
Diamonds on my automar
White tee with them polo shorts
Wrist about a house or two
Imagine what that house cost
Uno dos loco money took that money cut that short
Talk about that chu chu money
Fuck niggas know who to cross
Blown hella steam
Wavy like submarine
Shorty give me headand wipe me off now I'm coming clean
Cutty shorty stop that crime
Drink that liq she drink that wine
Hit that once don't call that mine
Talk that money don't call my line

25S sold
Seen a million fuss
25S sold ive seen a million plus
I'm like what the fuck is this
Stress cuss
Grab my knee medicine
Stress cuss
My partner said hes mamas lights got cut off
Whats he 6 months behind red
What the fuck
These niggas second-guessing me
I know the fucking recipe
Ballin fuck a refree
Hungry like a refugee
Bricksquad monopoly

Bitches dig me when I ride
Nigga feeling tipsy got that remy on my mind
Drop that top and that breezy
All that fly shit we'z it
Competition slacking and in the back we got that weezy
Came up in the game
Stumbled on some chain
Coke-boys that bricksquad see that every hill the same
Stylin on these bitches see how I'm postin
My pimpin go coastal
Money long match the numbers in my social
7-60 Twirling
Liquor got me early
Never hit that party unless they let me sneak my girl in
We'z all about it
Top off the coupe I'm tryna crawl up out of it
Coke-boy nigga tell you're girl about it

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