And maybe you'll hear this and won't believe your ears
I'm not used to expressing myself like this
But pay attention when the rain falls like my tears and you'll
behold my pain

I've already tried to be a better man
But i've noticed it's impossible to grow
For the blood that in my veins insists to flow
Still has not achieved the goal of warming up your distant

Void of emotion...
There is no way to make you stop and think
about me
And how it's been like to be in my shoes in these last few days
of deep misery

You don't deserve everything I dare to unveil
Well, you don't deserve everything I dare to fell and it hurts
so bad.

It hurts inside to see you act like this
Like a frozen bird I try to be released
That's why I want you to tell me what to do

'Cause nothing seems to make you feel alive
And nothing can make you laugh or make you cry
There is no one around to make sure that you exist
Tonight I feel like this, trying to say those things to thee.

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