Young and insatiable
Strong but vulnerable
We've never seen a war for real
Except the wars for sex appeal

Consumption was our source of life
Rapacity kept us alive
A nation bred to feed your greed
Increase profits in hyper speed

Appointed in a target group
And programmed for your product loop
Seduced by fine technology
Snatched our room to breathe freely

But this computation now is gone
We usher a new age of fun
By common consent resolution
We start to dance the revolution

Cause we are young and unassailable
We are young and unpredictable
We are young and tired of bear a mark
Our live is a giant amusement park

Cause we are young and promiscuous
Live out everything contiguous
We demand the rights of attribution
Unite for the dance of the revolution

Young and insatiable
Analyzed yet pitiful
The power that we exercise
Was never planned to treat you nice

Consumption addict to impress
Competing against stubbornness
Deceit a trivial offense
Have you not yet received immense

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