this world of sorrow fear and pain
standing in your healing rain
lift the veil within our minds
refuse to taste this poisoned wine

from frozen plains within our hearts
release us from these darkened thoughts
lost on streets that have no name
can we find our way again

corridors within our minds
through darkened halls we wander blind
search for doors that once were there
trapped within our own despair

is it all beyond our reach
hidden answers that we seek
reach across this great divide
love eternal never dies

one day we sure must all transcend
surrounded from that space within
an inner smile a stolen glance
live the moment take the chance

whisphered echoes in the night
truth revealed in morning light
always driving for the dawn
the sun explodes the day is born

what once collided will be one
a revolution soon to come
this newborn hope it will survive
these words keep our souls alive

the time like quicksand running by
a glimpse of beauty in your eye
go look beyond my dearest friend
we're not so different in the end

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