Snapping at air, I woke up.
I couldn't see where I was.
A smell of mould, and nothing was seen.
Grouping for a hold, I realized my fate.
They laid me down in a box,
And threw it down into a grave,
They just said I was dead,
And obviously, I'm living yet.

Alive and dead?
Suspended animation.
Buried alive?
Deadly condemnation.

I'm crying now, but nobody is there.
The air is scanty, my voice is decreasing.
My mind is confused.
I'm knocking on the coffin.
Thoughtless, and entangled, I accept my fate,
I fell asleep, Death was the diagnosis.
I woke up - Better I didn't do this.
I fell asleep, my body was cold,
And woke up in a deep, dark hole.

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