Stars are shining so far away
Even though they died a long time ago
The world is only a tiny place
In a universe that still is unknown

Are we the only ones? (in this universe alone?)
Is our mission here undone?

Far beyond the galaxy, is there a place for you and me?
And if it’s true then i will follow
The world has served me pretty well, but has now turned into a hell
So i'll be leaving here tomorrow

Fear is filling my heart and soul
But i know it all will fade when we reach our goal
Let’s go! we fly with the speed of light
To a destination that is still unknown

Beyond the universe, destiny will call
Beyond the universe, a future for us all
Forever going on, until we find this place
Beyond the universe, we know there is a place that we can call home

Where do we go from here my friend,
Is this the beginning or is it the end?

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