Take this for example young brothers want rep
Cause in the life theyre living, you cant half step
It starts with the young ones doing crime for fun
And if you aint down, youll get played out son
So lets get a car, you know, a fly whip
Get a dent, pull a screwdriver, and be off quick
With a dope ride, yeah, and a rowdy crew
We can bag us a benz and an audi, too
Even a jeep or a van, goddamn, were getting ours, yo
Take a trip up the strip, and be like stars so
It doesnt matter if the cops be scoping
They cant do jack, thats why a young brothers open
To do anything, anywhere, anyplace
Buckwild in another court case
Its the code of the streets

They might say were a menace to society
But at the same time I say why is it me?
Am I the target, for destruction?
What about the system, and total corruption?
I cant work at no fast-food joint
I got some talent, so dont you get my point?
Ill organize some brothers and get some crazy loot
Selling d-r-u-g-s and clocking dollars, troop
Cause the phat dough, yo, that suits me fine
I gotta have it so I can leave behind
The mad poverty, never having always needing
If a sucker steps up, then I leave him bleeding
I gotta get mine, I cant take no shorts
And while Im selling, heres a flash report
Organized crime, they get theirs on the down low
Heres the ticket, wanna bet on a horse show?
You gotta be a pro, do what you know
When youre dealing with the code of the streets

Nine times out of ten I win, with the skills I be weilding
Got the tec one dealing, let me express my feelings
Guru has never been one to play a big shot
Its just the styles I got that keep my mic hot
Anf fuck turning my back to the street scene
It gives me energy, so imma keep fiends
Coming, just to get what Im selling
Maybe criminal or felon dropping gems on your melon
So keep abreast to the gangstarr conquest
Underground ruffnecks, pounds of respect
Ive never been afraid to let loose my speech
My brothers know I kick the code of the streets

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