No way you'll never make it
Come with the weak shit, i break kids
Step into my zone, mad rhymes will stifle ya
Lines like rifles go blast when i kick some ass
A lot of rappers be like one time wonders
Couldn't say a fly rhyme if there was one right under
Their noses, i hate those motherfuckin posers
But i'm so real to them it's scary
And with my unique skills nag you can't compare me
And no we don't make wack tracks
And all the suckers get pushed back when i'm kickin real facts
I represent set up shit like a tent boy
You're paranoid cause you're my son like elroy
And you'd be happy as hell to get a record dal
Maybe your soul you'd sell to have mass appeal

Oh yes i'm greater than all mc's when i breeeze give me room please
I be like fascinatin when i be updatin
Cuttin off wack kids, pullin their trump cards
I thump hard, and mak eem say that i'm god
Niggaz be pretendin they hardcore
Never know the meaning of [real hardcore]
But i get props like a slogan and no man

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