Its mostly tha voice, that gets you up
Its mostly tha voice, that makes you buck
A lot of rappers got flavor, and some got skills
But if your voice aint dope then you need to [chill... chill... ]

Up steps one, and he gets done
Then up steps another, he gets smothered
Thats word to mother, or should I say moms
I drop bombs, scorchin niggaz like napalm
Sucka, boy, get off my shit
Get off my dick so what I make butter hits
You better change your behavior, battling gangstarr
No religion could save ya
My religion is rap, r-a-p
R-e-a-l-i-t-y, g
Cause when I rock street kids rejoice
I got mad rhymes, still


So when you think you know the whole you dont even know the half
Youre not a threat to myself, and neither to my staff
Not the type to really dance too much, although I used to
Rather bust a fresh line, and get loose to
The blunted ill types of beats premier makes
Makes your girls rear shake, let me set it straight


Some rappers use hooks to this shit
But if you took that shit out
And you took all the music out
What would remain? the voice no doubt
Bless my soul I control
When in pimp mode
My bank roll expands
I invest in my man
I plan, to keep rap real
So if your shit aint fat then kneel
You squeal, feeling pain from my oral flex
What about oral sex, which chicks next
To open wide and get a chunk from a real brother
Yeah, some real funk from a real brother
They get sprung and most of them dont recover
But I dont diss em I just talk to em
Cause the sound, of my voice, it does a lot to em
So you and, the niggaz right there
Be aware, like swv, Im right here
Waitin to correct your ass
And if you dont follow now Ill disrespect your ass
More vicious than sid, do a crime with no bid
I tell a bitch that I didnt when you know that I did
Take a trip to a land a-far
Then come back, and people still know gangstarr
See Im the ladies choice
Cause I got crazy styles, still


Outro: guru, shug

Oh shit shug, whattup
[whassup money? ]
Just loungin, about to go do this shit in the studio
[oh yeah, you just let me get on that shit
You always said I could get on, you need to let me get on that]
[for real man]
Yo man
[dont front on that shit]
Im sayin yo, if I let you get busy, youknowhatimsayin
You cant be dissapointin me
[i flip shit, ima flip shit on this]
Aight man, lets go

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