My subject matter and context are blessed
Vocal inflection connects, its a slugfest
Ladies approach to hear quotes from the spokesman
Thoughts are like oceans for my lyrics to float in
Im absolutely astute so salute
You try to be cute, and you get tossed like a crap shoot
Dont misinterpret or slander
Just get with the words and the way I command ya
Cause youre in the right place, and luckily its the right time
And since Im inclined, I'll kick precisely the right rhymes

Listen listen listen I'll tell ya
My rhymes are like shelter, or rather like an umbrella
Protecting you from the weak stuff you heard from those creampuffs
About the schemes that they dreamed of
About the way they slayed this one or that one
But wont step to me, cause they know the last one
Who tried to match the panache of the guru
Received a curse that was much worse than voodoo
Cause the effect of my voice is immense
It would make more sense if suckers hide in the basement
But yo I dont look for hassles, my rhymes are like castles
I got much flavor and class too
I know youve notice Im a writer of hype lines
Because Im inclined, to kick precisely the right rhymes

Precisely the right rhymes, simplistic but packed
With power and punch, and yo you might want to step back
But stay close as your host serves hors doeveurs
Satisfying your cravings, and calming your nerves
See I have an interest, in giving you more than the next man
Cause my style is pure and
If you are sane and remain in your right mind
Youll see Im inclined, to kick precisely the right rhymes

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