feat. H. Staxx, NYG'z
Yo, do the knowledge to the master build the blow and the spliff
The new millennium, hide them a beef
Gotta watch what I say to you niggaz so I calm my patience
'Cause the shit ain't really pass the statue of limitations
The streets still holler about how strong I am
Niggaz I hurt still holler about how wrong I am
As a little nigger broke, thinking soda and coke
Had me amazed how my steady hand kept in the flow
Let it sit, cool and heart lit, hit the set cool and heartless
In front of the store projects, as long as I made a profit
I see you eyeing me, you fire escape diary
Filled with pages of episodes and shying me
Nonbeliever I hammer for hire
Hit yo ass so hard that your coke will catch fire
Dog the stakes are dyer, I'm no liar
Hold the court and the street beef cause I got pride

[H. Staxx]
Same team no games, these chicks I blow brains
Rap-a-lot soul train the corners rocking cocaine
Got no shame
Trying to blow these figures
Headquarters gone he ain't left he still with us
Not in the physical through us he live
I can seen him with Big L, Pun, Pac and BIG
Watching over the kid like dear shed the waist over
And yelling Ether, Blowout and Takeover
I'm the truth; give you proof and your video shoot
Pull them candors on you while them cameras on you
How you love that
Don't want to blow with Staxx
So go ahead dumb up, make me car crumb up
It's the Militia
Yall niggaz don't know about I
Got me heated, frustrated about to blow my high
Me and Benz blazing, Rave got the gauge raising
Sick of talking about it, niggaz ain't on my weight lift

Whenever we stand together, down for whatever-acapo

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