Verse one:

New york, new york is where we live and were thorough
Never taking shorts cuz brooklyns the borough
Peace to uptown, to queens and the bronx
Long island and jersey get as fly as they want
Where we rest is no joke
So let me break it down to sections for you slowpokes
Fort green, bedstuy, flatbush, brownsville
Crown heights and east new york will be down till
Medina takes respect for the styles we bring
Cuz in brooklyn, we be into our own thing
Alantic terminals, redhook bushwick
Come to brooklyn frontin, and youll get mushed quick
We aint just know for flipping and turning out parties
But also for the take no bullshit hotties
On the subject of blackness, well let me share this
Brooklyn is the home for cultural awareness
So in all fairness, you can never compare this
Some good, some bad. little hope for the weak
Dangerous streets and coney island beach
All this included when you go for a tour
Some can get scandolous and outright raw
When you step, step correct and watch where you move
We pay dues so we aint trying to lose
Here in brooklyn
The home of the black and the beautiful
For a ruffrap sound, aint a place more suitable
Other cities claim this, and others claim that
But let me give some props to the place where we be at
B-r-double o- k-l-y-n
I came in for a visit and ever since then
Ive been incorporated with select personel
Right here in brooklyn, the place where we dwell

Way down in brooklyn (3x)
Those who live in brooklyn know just what Im talking about

Verse two:

Peace to boston, philly, conneticut, dc
All the east coast cities are fly to me
Peace to everybody down south and out west
But for me, brooklyn, new york is the best
Dont be afraid to venture over the bridge
Although you may run in to some wild ass kids
Take the j train, the d or the a if you dare
And the 2,3,4,5 also comes here
Theres so much to see cuz brooklyns historic
Fools act jealous but you have to ignore it
So I just lounge wit the fat clientel
Out here in brooklyn, the place where we dwell

Way down in brooklyn
You know the place...

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