- Aiiyo son, it seems like, everyday
more and more people begin to get more foul
Uhn, now dig..
Association breeze some relation
Let me tell you what happened
I'm driving the other night, these two faggots they pull me over
Talking like I got a broken taillight
They got a broken headlight
They shake me down, they tellin me
that they gon' come and see me tomorrow and have somethin' for them
- Word, so what up?
So now I got something for them

[ Verse One ]
Who's the real criminals, take a look behind the scenes
Corruption and greed is calling plates routine
Guess it pays in many ways to have a few schemes
Shit, I know modal citizens, that ain't squeeking clean
You got dirty politicians, dirty judges and dirty cops
Everyone's on the tape, the hood's filled with dirty blocks
How we gonna save the community, they worse than us
It's like a curse for us, police be the first to bust
Think about it, that requel shit some fucking junk
For them the evidence'll vanish in a puff of smoke
I been observin', I never be subservient
I guess you get what you deserve in this
From project-hallways to courthouse hallways
Some prevail, most see jail, this happens always
Speed on, before you get peed on
All I need is more power, then I'ma put the squeeze on

[ Hook ]
I want more power, I'm gaining more troops
I'm gaining more respect 'cause I want more juice
The most influence you met, got influence from friends
And I'ma put the squeeze on all of 'em

I watched y'all get fat, now I want my share
What you ain't got it all? Then I want what's there
The most influence you met, got influence from friends
And I'ma put th

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