I saw you walkin' down the street last night
I saw him walkin' by your side
I saw the way he stopped and held you tight
I saw the look in your eyes
Go on and tell him that you love him
Go on and show him he's the one
Go on and give him every sacred thing
That you used to save for us
"Chorus:" See if I care
Look at the way your tearin' me apart
Baby, see if I care
Look at the tears fallin' in this heart, baby
Go on, go on, go on
Yeah, go on, go on, go on
And see if I care
I still can hear the way you whisper
Softly in my ear
I lay awake, and I remember
The way it felt to hold you near
Go on and run your fingers through his hair
Go on and lay by his side
Go on and wrap him in your dark surrender
And all your tender lies
"Repeat Chorus Twice:"
See if I care
See if I care
See if I care

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