The Say Nothin` Lasts Forever
Honey, I've Got Good News
Whoever Said That
Never Got the Blues From You

This Cloud I'm Under
Looks Like It's Gonna Stay
The Thunders Gonna Roll
Forever and a Day

Nothing's Gonna Change
The Way I Think and Feel
My Heart Is So Heavy
And My Fate Is Sealed

Lord, Stop This Misery
Every Night I Pray
E'm Knowin` That It's There
Forever and a Day

Forever and a Day
You're Stuf Here in My Mind
Forever and a Day
Is Such a Long, Long Time
I Tell Myself Again
That I Just Can't Swim
This River of Regret
That I'm Drownin` In

You've Left With This Feeling
That I Just Can't Shake
My Spirit's Gonna Sink
Forever and Day

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