La da da da-da
Ah, la da da, la da da da-da
Just because it's said
That a man is not
Supposed to cry (supposed to cry)

Just because we conceal
What we feel
When we hurt deep down inside

Ohh, why don't they realize
That it's just a disguise
To hide the way that we feel

We hurt too
This is true

Why don't they
See through this
Pretending happiness
There are?

And when they say good bye
We will drown only inside
By those same little tears

Ohh, they know this is true
He made me and he made you

This is true
We hurt too
We hurt too

There is no difference
We're just like you
It's the same laughing and crying
Loving and dying

So remember every day
As you pass along life's way
What I said to you

That because you see no tears
It's not happiness I feel
When you say we're through

Ohh, that you find
I feel

This is true
We hurt too
This is true

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