Who says a jazz band
Can't play dance music?
Who says a rock band
Can't play funky?
Who says a funk band
can't play rock?
Oh yeah!
We're gonna play some
Funk so loud
We're gonna
Rock and roll around
Watch them dance
Watch them dance

We really love to play
We really want to stay here
Won't you take the time
To get the music on your mind

We'll release you from the bind.

We've been around for such a while
Be kinda hard not to have style
When time get slower
By the mile
We relax and wear a great big smile
You can count my teeth

People think

'Cause we are here
Our jazz ran out
The ships won't steer
No more
We picked up on the rhythm here
If you just take a toot and have a beer
We're gonna make it clear
Ho ho
Yes, and when the morning gets here
Jazz and soul

We never take a chance
Music is our one romance, yeah
May I have this dance
Give it a chance

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