You say you´ll never leave me
You never ever greed me
But i know better

You offered me the world
If i just be your girl
Well, i know better

I've heard those empty promises many times before
They don't mean a thing anymore
Baby, i know better

So you go and make my life complete
Place the whole world at my feet
Well, i know better

So many things you say you do
But i know they're loath of true
I know better

I don´t want will ever again bring tears to my eyes
This girl is too smart, this girl is too wise
Baby, i know better

Don´t stand quite so close to me
You just waste in time you see
I know better

And now you're holding me so tight
I wish you wouldn't just this night
I know better

There is a good chance you bring me misery
I just can't understand why i'm letting you kiss me
When i know better

You kisses are so warm and tender
But i can't let my heart surrender
I know better

The flame in my heart is grown and higher
But increased so much desire
I know better

I fight this feeling deep within
I gotta be strong, just can´t giving in
'cause i know better

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