I caught your eye from across the room
And it gave me an idea, or two
I slinked along; the piano played a song as I gave you the old “looky-loo”
You're the kind of guy who tends to catch my eye
In fact, you look familiar too
Think I compared, you’d make a stellar pet
Nice to meet you, have I slept with you?
See I have been around, my noodle ain’t so good
And blind in one eye I huffed a lot of glue
But if you concede, that yes we did the deed
Well you can bet that I'm up for round two

We took a cab back to my bachelor pad
I had a feeling I would see this thing through
My doorman Stan, he took you by the hand
As he said, "Right this way, you two" ...but you said

Stanley Glover, you were once my lover
(It's April!) Yeah! I guess I slept with you
Because my name is April Rhodes
I've kissed princes and toads
And it's a good bet, I've slept with you

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