1st verse :
Girl I want you
Right where you are
Just hold it there don't move
My shining star
You must not know
Exactly what you mean to me
So deeply, completely, you got me
And I'm needing your love

Chorus :
If you're feeling lonely
And you need someone to love you babe
You can always trust me
'Cause babe I can take you high
And whenever you need me
Girl I could be just you & I
'Cause girl you are so lovely
So baby can I take you high (3x)

2nd verse :
I've been meaning to tell you goodbye
But I can't seem to let you go
Girl I thought it was just a fling
Now what we have is so beautiful
We've been keeping it on the low
And now I don't care if anybody knows
That I love you, so deeply, completely
I gotta tell you so


Break :
So lover, your love
You've inspired my heart
When you kiss me I blush
Feels like I'm in heaven when we touch
'Cause you are solovely

Chorus out

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