Awake in bed at 4am
Awake in bed cuz lately sleep ain't been my friend
You leave me with no happy end
You said it all keeps
And even though I might complain
You know I feel the same old way about you, babe
I'll love you till the very end
I love you, I can't see my life without you

We might be a long way from heaven
But I won't give end
No, not like this
I feel it is my Saturn return
There's a lot we can win
Just not like this

I see us pass the sleepless nights
I see us pass the silent fights and arguing
We'll make it through the ? phases
We'll make it through the stomach aches and crying, tears
Somehow we're back to fear again
Somehow we're back to questioning or leaving
There's never been a silent end
There's never been a ? to spend without you

Repeat chorus

Silky soft words are forgotten
But you treat me ?
Come inside, I'll keep you warm
Though it hurts me, leaves me torn
Every time you lend a hand
Our love outlasts the storm again

Repeat chorus

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