They'll make you think it's the only way
Cause theres always a price to pay
But it's your road and your choice to make
Start new today

And I know we'll find a way
I know we'll make a way
I know we'll find a way
Let's start new today

On november 2nd election day
I will be thinking that things could change
I voted for the lesser of evil
How many relate?
And they did scream and move away
Instead of ending all the hurt it brings?
Someone 2005
To the 1958
Well I know

Repeat Chorus

I wonder how far things could escalade
Before the streets light up in rage
Civalry slipping away?
What more will it take
Till it's your cousin that dies of aids
Till your pregnant daughter can't find a place
Till most of the youth end up locked away
A chance we can't take
(I know we'll find a way)

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