(phone) "hello!"
(body) "hello! is that my virtual you? this is your
Body speaking!

Ahh yeah...hah...my body!
My body is talking to me!
Uh oh! my flesh is stressing! distressing!
Its creeping! its crawling! my bones are knocking.
They,re clicking.they,re clackety clacketing!
My tongue is furrr...licky sticky wicketing! my tongue
Is flickering. my teeth
Are gig gig gig gnashing! gnashing!
They're racheting! yick yak yak yuk! i have bad breath!
My bowels are wise. my wise old bowels!
Downloading. downloading.
My eyes say:
Website! website! website!

Speak with your body.
Feel with your mind.
Dance with your heart and soul.

My feet are very under-standing!!
My knees are very knowing!
They argue...they debate!
My kneecaps....my old school kneecaps!
Are scoffing! they,re quaffing! they're scuffling!
(theo sax)
My feet are carrying on regardless!
They,re carrying on regardless!
My ears are radiating. they're tintintabulating!
My skin is very rash. what's it insinuating?
Too much skin-up-ulating?


My poor old bum! my bum!
Its dumbing down! its numb! its numb!
My scrotum is bitching, its tetchy, its twitching.
My prostate is postulating...
I think it's taking the piss!

My spermatoza goes eeek! is that monsanto?
Is that the monsanto clause? the testicle my friends,
Is very mystical. or simply testy, testy.
Very very testy!


Now i remember my body..
Our body..my body..your body..
Every body!
What a surprise!
You,re very very wise!
I call it body language...
I call it body language...
I call it body language...
So thank you very very much!

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