You are my Magick Brother
You are the one in Love
You are my Mystic Sister
You are the one in Love

Welcome to the Aquarian Age

Remember in the lives before
We walked the path and reached the door
I knew you then & there we swore
We'd never fight another war.

Now if you're feeling rather lonely &
you wonder where you are.
Maybe you're one of many
from a faraway star.
You're born on this Planet now
to help to show the way.
To stop the spread of darkness
And to sing the Golden Age.

Maybe we'll all find out
just what it's all about
And listening for the sound
It's happening underground.

Believe what you want for you its true
You are your boundry
Give what you've got
And you'll get more than you have found already.

The more you know the more yr lovin the more & more

The cities sink beneath the Sea.
The Golden gate has lost the key.
The prophets told them long ago
That one in all in one is so

Coz if you know what you're doing
And it is the only way
And if you're living yr life & loving yr life
And yr giving yr games away
And if you learn not to burn unless
you want yourself to drown
And if you close yr eyes to get up high
so you can look back down

And everything we made
a flicker of light and shade
A body to wander by
A whistle of sound & sigh

Whose are these words I sing
& what does my guitar sing
This is not me, I am not this
I'm only passing.

The more you do for love you know the more you know

The child will lead them by the hand
The beast of prey from every land
And in the eyes of every man
O Krishna there you are again


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