[Verse 1:]
American gangsta yeah dats me gorilla hood nigga baby zoe I ain't never had nothin I was out there on the corna packs of the bills crack sacs and marijuana block boys in the game but gorilla zoe a loner I ain't fakin playin games had you colder than a polar bear gorilla oh me I know the laws of the streets cause I was posted at the sto' anybody from my past tell you bout gorilla zoe I was fakin diamonds makin fuckin niggaz hoes right before I signed a deal ya'll niggas know I kept it real I was on some hustle shit I don't believe it time to chill way before I was a mob I was out there on the field if you lookin for a gangsta america here I am

American gangsta yeah dats me gorilla hood nigga baby z o e

[Verse 2:]
This is boys in the hood gorilla's goin ham and if you don't like well shawty here I am I'm a stand up guy I'm a full bred man I'm a tell you where I come from white bread and spam hot dogs and noodles I'm a pitbull to poodles I do it off the top while you pussy niggas doodle I ain't true to the truth and I ain't talkin to and I ain't talkin aboof? off the chain with errythang shawty jump off the roof kapoof holmes I'm gone yeah I'm reppin my zone I holla southwest atlanta cause the A is my home where the bitches come thick corn bread home grown and we ride 26's 28's on chrome

American gangsta yeah dats me gorilla hood nigga yeah z o e

[Verse 3:]
Now this the last verse and it might kinda hurt cause I was asked first to put these rappers in a hearse the dirt the home of red clay I kept a grand hustle you can ask my nigga clay I stay thuggin ask rule or JB ask 2 2 sam or my nigga sanna d? trust nobody you can ask my nigga buck from the shop downtown I fuck a nigga up ya'll remember 10 10 ya'll know that boy young dread head fuck him use to tote that toy I'm grown now and I tote assault rifles 100 round drums knockin niggas out ya nikes


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