So here we are just you and I
Weeping the beauty of the night
What to do? What to say?
I don't know, I can't find the words
You're so soft, You're so fine
I'm drowning deeper within your eyes
You're the one, one for me, My heaven on earth

and the way she speaks

Sound of her voice, look on her eyes
Sweetest the kiss, taste of her lips
Sound of her voice, look on her eyes
Sweat on her lips, taste of her skin
like a fire that burns within my heart
Assuring me we will never apart
Sound of her voice and the look on her eyes
...and the sweat on her lips

So here we lay side by side
No one else tonight
Touch me now, hold my hand
Let me feel your body
You're so sweet, You're so nice
I'm drowning deeper within our love
you're the one, one for me, my reason to go on

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