I dreamt i saw a woman
Standing by the strand
Waiting for her people
To come in from the land
Waiting there for seven days
She built a fire in the sand
Waiting for her people
To come in from the land
She had the look of a refugee
Hiding in her eyes
And when i tried to talk to her
She answered with a cry
And pointed to the water
Out beyond the harbour line
Where a thousand ships lay waiting
They lay waiting for my sign
I remember days of sunlight
With my father by my side
And the children, ran before us
Like the foam upon the tide
We ran like frightened partridge
When the strangers came to talk
Bringing sickness 'round them
And the thunder in their walk
We ran into the valleys
And we ran into the hills
They only ran before us,
Driven by the strangers' will
I'm waiting by the landwash
Giant standing near
I see them coming always
Children in their fear
I'm waiting on my blanket
And the giant waits with me
And i will wait here always
As they fill the endless sea
[chorus x2]

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