"it's a cold day for september", was all i thought to say
When i saw you on the street the other day
I knew something changed between us, all the talk we made was small
But what do you say to someone when they've heard you say it all?
It's an awkward conversation, in a most peculiar way...
How did we get from saying "i love you" to "i'll see you around
It seemed like only days ago, we had so much to say
Did we take it all for granted?, did it all gets thrown away?
"it calls for rain this afternoon", she finally replied
Then there was such a stuttering silence, that i felt my mouth go dry
We'll talk about the weather, cause there's not much more to say...
Chorus x 2
Has all the ice been broken,
All our surfaces been scratched
Have all the words been spoken,
Have we finally met our match?
Cause its an awkward conversation,
In a most peculiar way
Chorus x 3

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