Freak shows, talk shows, living off our misery;
dozens of psychics, celebrity sidekicks,
tellin' us all just what we need to know.

Guess it's a sign of the times.
guess it's the way of the day;
nothing but vertical lines, empty minds.

Yeah, we hear ya talkin',
but we don't know what it means;
you just keep on talkin'
as we live our lives in chains.

Hey, there, Miss Oprah, what's doin' today?
Just smilin' at me on TV. Why go anywhere?
We can shop from a chair, in this remote society.

I seen it comin' around; will I be here for the day,
Can we survive underground? Goin' down...

We're living in chains,
while you're eatin' at our brains;
we live our lives in chains.

Comin' on the air, gonna knock ya in your chair,
boy, wait'll you hear the news:
Got a woman comin' on who can really get it on,
gonna show you what she can do;
Got a family in a fight, gonna help 'em get it right,
gonna straighten out their miserable lives.
We got it all here on the show,
and we want you all to know:
If ya miss this one, you're gonna die...
Turn me on!

Yeah, we hear you talkin, but we don't care what it means,
just love to hear you talkin' as we live our lives in chains.

We're livin' in chains, I just don't understand,
why we live our lives in chains.
Shackled to the air, as we live our lives in chains.

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