Your told you baby, I'm not the man for you
And what your daddy told you darlin, ain't nothin'
But the truth!
I'm a rocker, I'm a roller
I'm a stone cold drinking man
I'm gonna give you lovin', the only way i can
So don't you worry baby, I'll be there by your side

Out of the night, I come to take your love
Out of the night, I've got to have your love

i'm a reckless outlaw, a renegade by trade
All I've got is this guitar, and that's how it's gonna stay
I'll find time to love you, you know I'll do it roght
I'll find time to love you, and I'll make you feel alright

Out of the night I'll give
you all you need
Out of the night, so late at night, I hear you plead

You're, you're what I need

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