Every now and then I like to pick up the phone
And make a call down memory lane
Well how you been, well baby you could say I've been lonely too
I've been pickin' up the pieces ever since the day
I left you sleeping on the motel road
I heard you had two kids, got married, it was quite the show
You're my one stone true regret
As I'm lyin' alone in my bed

On this silent night
I say a little prayer for you on this silent night
I send this message through, I was wrong to run
Shoulda took a little time for life
'Cause loneliness is no repayment for sacrifice
I'm doin' time in paradise on this silent night

I remember how we touched, we were young in love
Didn't know what was wrong or right
We just stuck to each other like the earth sticks to the sun

You taught me how to laugh, I learned how to cry
It was easy as one, two, three
We were lucky and wild back then, just happy to be
Now I think about you with desire, and my heart's still full of fire
On this silent night

In my mind I see the wind blow through your hair
I have a photograph of you and I somewhere
Painting pictures of the life that we would share

I wear this badge of sorrow, but how was I to know
I found the truth comes easy when you live in the light
I guess it only goes to show
So you think I'm crazy 'cause I feel this way
Gonna pick myself up off the ground and I'll turn it around
On this silent night

I guess it's time to say good-bye, on this silent night

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