Hard to believe that it's over
Oh no here comes another empty day
I Still see the leaves of October
A winter of Heartache on way

And looking back
seems like yesterday
My world was so bright
with the light of your love shinin' through


(Was it)
Was it the night
Was it something in her eyes
Got me to thinkin
thinkin bout you
Always the same
And you know whos to the blame
Thought I was over
Over this pain

No conversation over dinner
Too much room
Oh so cold inside my bed
Froze in a long, long, lonely winter
With no change of seaons up ahead

Thought I was over you
And there you are on every street every boulevard
Anyway I turn leads me to you


And that life was such a long time ago
But I got these blues once again
I cover my eyes so the pain doesn't show
Looks like ill never
Never let you go- yeah

(chorus x2)

Thought I was over
Over this pain
Ooo yeah
Ohhoo yeah
Was it the night?

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