Now there was a time, I was so blind
Didn't know my feelings girl for you (yes its true)
But that was the past, we're here at last
Now I've come to find out
What I could not see
Is what you meant to me

Now you are the rhythm, I am the rhyme
Our hearts are the music of lovers baby
Beating in time
The way that I feel for you
Makes me know that its true
Whenever you want me
You got me baby I'm by your side
(I'm here for you, do anything for you)

Now there's not a day, not a minute goes by
That I don't have thoughts of loving you
(I've just got to see you)
The first thing in the morning,
The last thing at night
If I can't see you baby,
Then I know things ain't right

Hey, I was so blind out of my mind (I was crazy)
I should have known our love was true, me and you
But now its so clear and having you near
Now I know our love. Its true
Baby for you

You're the rhythm oh sweet rhythm I am the rhyme
We are music, hear the music beating in time

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