this is how we overcome
so yo' everythings gonna go ma way
we're here doing this from the mornin' sun
ma light
up until the break of day

bobbin' bouncin'
move yo' head
we all need counselin'
we ain't scared
goin crazy hittin' walls
here all night
ain't no pause
bangin' bobbin' bouncin' bouncin'
bobbin' bangin' bouncin' bouncin' (X2)

told ya'll we had a lil' bounce to bang and out your range
it ain't comin' out the same
we skitzo and over flowin' these lexy messages
ment for the soul so the flesh can't detect it
don't disrespect just gone' accept
the south been hot rich man prepin'
this our weapon bobbin' bouncin' and bangin' beats and counselin'
every line inclined and designed by devine inspiration and time to speak to a certain situation
to those that hurt in desperation
this the reason why we came
hollerin' talkin' 'bout Jesus came
so elbows and shoulders get in the motion
brake yo' neck and take in the potion


ma neck snap back as a direct reaction
people point, what is that son?
parties gonna be lock a jocky
up and down like the stairs on rocky
revamp the situation
ma loyal subject surround incamp the nation
breathe life into the obsolete
break up the riff raff who can't compete
overweight folks lean on the rail
its about to break and they can tell
preach about the bars through the sells
speak about the scars times they fail
march to a different drum
free in Christ so cause to get dumb
countin' on how he lost his son
this party ain't free it cost a ton




move yo head...we ain't scared...hittin' walls...ain't no pause

bobbin' bouncin' about 5 x

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